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Primary Location: 310, 17th C Main Rd, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095

Best Kickboxing Academy in Bengaluru

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First a few words about kickboxing…
Kickboxing (sometimes called aeroboxing) is an individual multi-discipline sport that makes use
of the body’s full range of motion and challenges the athlete both physically and mentally. It is a
combat a sport based on kicking and punching. Kickboxing blends boxing and karate.
Kickboxing and Karate are influences of each other. The main difference between the two
sports is, Kickboxing is a combat sport, whereas Karate is a martial art form. Kickboxers use
hands and feet to strike, which includes kicks, blocks, and quick defense maneuvers. Some
styles allow knee strikes, elbow strikes, clinching, headbutting, and takedowns or throws.
The World Association of Kickboxing Organizations or WAKO, is the largest international
organization of kickboxing, and the governing body of Amateur kickboxing sport. WAKO holds a
world championships every two years, with youth (18 and under) and adults (18–45) on
separate years. According to the international rules, the kickboxing match shall be held in 6.4 m
X 6.4 m square ring surrounded by 4-level ropes. Each fighter shall wear approved regulated
gloves, shin guard, headgear, and usage of regulated protective cup, shin guard, headgear and
mouthpiece is mandatory. The winner must be decided in the Must Point System by scoring
points. Any contestant guilty of foul tactics in a bout shall be given an immediate warning and
points deducted from the contestant’s total score as determined by the referee. The use of foul
tactics also may result in disqualification of the contestant. Some of the fouls are – Spitting,
biting, or the use of abusive language in the ring, Jabbing the eyes with the thumb of the glove,
Hitting with the open glove, or with the wrist, etc.
There’s no denying that kickboxing is one of the best workouts for your body. Some of the
benefits of kickboxing are – Kickboxing is great for your mind and body, it has a very practical
usage as a means to learn self-defense, Kickboxing is a high-intensity, high-impact workout that
will burn your calories, etc.

In Bangalore, The best kickboxing academy is Kia kaha : located at Sarjapur, Indiranagar and Koramangala. It has the best trainers for Kickboxing with fully equipped MMA training centers in Bangalore. The team is training MMA in Bangalore for last 6 years and has trained over 1000+ fighters.

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